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Although Ipswich neighbours Brisbane, the city doesn’t share the same climate conditions and so can have different requirements for blinds. Ipswich tends to be hotter in summer and cooler in winter than Brisbane.

Thanks to being so far inland and surrounded by mountain ranges that act as a buffer, Ipswich misses out on sea breezes. This and the flat, low ground in Ipswich, makes it hot and humid during summer and cooler in winter.  During winter time, team these geographical features with clear skies and it makes it very easy for the warm air to escape, creating cold, frosty evenings and mornings.

Enclose your verandah with Retractable window awnings in Ipswich

Block out the harsh western sun on your veranda that grace the old Queenslanders in older Ipswich suburbs. They are also a great way to extend an outdoor area for maximum shade and glare reduction during hot summer days – perfect for those modern homes lacking a decent covered patio. One thing’s for sure, outdoor blinds in are a necessity.

Having roller blinds in Ipswich is a no brainer.

They’re an all-rounder when it comes to maintaining comfortable living. They are a great block-out option for the hot summer sun and ideal for privacy, particularly for those homes in Ipswich’ popular housing developments. They also provide good insulation in summer and winter because there are no gaps to let cold air escape or heat to get in. Even better, roller blinds suit all house types, from the early 1800’s colonial, to the new builds in Springfield Lakes and Ripley.

Vertical blinds are effective for sunlight control

Vertical blinds work well in Ipswich because they are very effective in managing low angle morning and afternoon sunlight, particularly during summer and on windows that face east or west.  Vertical blinds suit large openings and still allow some light in without having to close the blind completely.

Venetian Blinds for versatility

Perhaps you don’t want to disrupt your bushy outlook, but you do still want some privacy. Venetian Blinds are perfect for this as they give you control over light and visibility, where you can see out but others can’t see in. Venetians are versatile. They suit the many different house types found in Ipswich without imposing on any particular style.  

Why Panel Blinds are an essential for Ipswich properties

In Ipswich, you do all you can to let any breeze through the house, often by opening large sliding doors for air flow. You’ll almost always have these large doors open and so panel blinds that are easy to operate and can cover a large space are essential. They even come in translucent and light filtering options if you don’t want a complete block-out.

Window Shutters can create extra living space

If you’re after window coverings that will withstand the harsh Ipswich summer weather and won’t fade, warp, crack or peel, consider shutters. Ipswich homeowners not only love our shutters because of the amount of control they have over privacy, sun and rain but because they can really transform a home. They can create an extra living space and are very aesthetically pleasing.  

Commercial blinds in Ipswich keep patrons comfortable even when the sun is at its peak.

It’s not just residents who need blinds and shutters. Ipswich businesses rely on them, too. Commercial blinds give your clients a reprieve from the summer downpour at your front door, so they can dry off before entering your office. They can also block the western sun from streaming through your office as it dips down in the afternoon. The right commercial blinds maintain the comfort of your staff and your customers.

We’ve been Installing awnings and blinds in Ipswich properties for years and know how much of a difference the right window covering can make to lifestyle and comfort in the Western Corridor. If you’re still unsure which window coverings will suit your property, contact us for a free consultation today.