So chic. When you see those beautiful contemporary homes, styled and finished to perfection, chances are they’re sporting gorgeous covered hood awnings.  From the sleek Hamptons style to cottage style, covered hood awnings are the in-demand feature that finishes a home with opulence and style.  Like all beautiful finishes, the real value is in the details.  Don’t compromise on installation.  Only a professional awning installer can insure that your premium awnings look their best, from the moment of installation until the sale of your home.  With over 50 years’ combined experience in blinds and awnings installation, Blinds Plus Awnings are your home renovation pros.

Commercial covered hood awnings

Covered hoods awnings are available in wedged, dutch and eyelid shapes. Great for walkways over doors and commercial use when sign written.  Learn more about our commercial blinds, awnings and shutters.  The covered hood is a manufactured clear anodised aluminium frame awning made in various shapes and sizes and used in situations where a more robust frame is required. The fabric can be pulled much tighter than the standard Cafe Awning, therefore making them stronger. This awning is screwed to your wall and sealed to eliminate water running down the back. Covered hood awnings are suitable for protecting an area such as a doorway or smaller windows from the wet weather. It means you still can have the windows or doors open even when it is raining, avoiding humidity and other damages inside the room caused by the rain, all while adding a bit of style and flair to the look of your house or business. This awning cannot be closed up as it is a fixed frame. Wavy or straight valance is available

Wedge  – Dutch  – Eyelid

Optional Additions

The covered hood frame can be custom in a range of Colourbond® colours.

Fabric … Available in mesh, acrylic, clear or tinted PVC and canvas. Our mesh and Acrylic come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

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