Robusta blinds


Evergrain Slat is made from expanded Polystyrene foam, but unlike many products on the market, it is made using ‘co-extrusion’, which gives the slat a hard Polystyrene top coat, which is applied during the extrusion process. This coating is Polystyrene without the foaming agent. This makes a slat that is not only light but also gives the slat added rigidity. The slat is then colour coated and printed with the wood-grain effect, with every batch sampled back to the original master deck, to ensure better consistency in both colour and the look of the final wood-grain print. To protect both the colour and the wood-grain, the slat is then UV coated.

Privasee 25mm Slimline

When it comes to creating a chic, uncluttered look for windows, Privasee® Venetian blinds fit the bill. The winner of a coveted Australian Design Award, Privasee® blinds look beautiful from any angle and are the market leader when it comes to minimising light penetration. The secret lies in the way the slats are crimped, to ensure a tighter fit when closed –a must in bedrooms, where darkness is key. And just as the name implies, Privasee® delivers complete privacy on the home front, or in the office for that matter, as well as excellent sun protection. The reduced heat and glare has the added bonus of reducing your energy bills in summer and the blinds will also help insulate rooms for a warmer winter. Tilt the blades to obscure or reveal an outside view, or lift them up and away to enjoy a clear, unobstructed outlook. Made from durable aluminium, the sleek 25mm slats come in a wide range of high-fashion shades. No matter what style your interior, there is a slat shade to suit. For greater flexibility when it comes to fitting your windows, Privasee® comes in a maximum width of 3m and a maximum drop of 2.7m. Easy to use, the blinds are raised or lowered by pulling on a polyester cord. When the blinds are down, use the wand to direct the light just how you like it. Privasee® blinds are built to last and come with a five-year components warranty, for peace of mind. Child safety is also paramount and that’s why our Privasee® Venetians come with safety devices.

New York 50mm

A premium, polystyrene based slat system designed for Australian conditions thermal stability, long lasting even in wet areas. New York venetians have a range of on-trend colours designed to suit consumer preferences. NewYork is a Polystyrene based slat system designed for use in the manufacture of wood look alike blinds having either 50mm or 63mm slat width. They are very suitable for use in all areas of the home or office, including in wet areas. The unique grain effect is created through photographic imaging of real veneer, which is then indelibly printed onto the surface of the profiles using a stabilised ink transfer technology called foiling. This creates the most realistic grain structures possible using a polystyrene material base. The imprint is permanent and highly stable.