Are Automated Blinds The RIGHT Choice For Your Home?

Are Automated Blinds The RIGHT Choice For Your Home?

Automated blinds

Automated Blinds – Why They’re the RIGHT Choices for Homes in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast

The future is NOW when it comes to providing blind and awning solutions for local homes and businesses. Automated blinds invite a sense of ease and security into your building and, most importantly, they do it with style.

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Choosing the right automated blinds for you

The decision to install automated blinds is being made by an increasing number of discerning clients. These beautiful features tick all the boxes when it comes to aesthetics, security and ease of use – and it’s not difficult to see why they’re the product of choice for the savvy consumer! Our blinds use high quality European motors – the most up-to-date technology on the market.

Features of automated blinds

Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters proudly offers a range of automated blinds and awnings perfectly designed for each and every home.

The convenience of these ‘set and forget’ systems means that temperature, wind and sun direction changes are internalised by your system and then adjustments are made accordingly.

These autonomous systems can be controlled via wireless technology that seamlessly blends into the décor of your home. A simple touch of a button can set the controls as you desire them, or you can work with your installer if you would prefer they set it up for you.

Security matters

A very real fear for many homeowners is that leaving to go on holidays puts them at real risk of an intruder breaking in. Thieves are canny and clever – they ‘scope out’ homes in the lead up to a break in to determine whether or not their risk of being caught is high.

Automated blinds in Ipswich, Brisbane and the Gold Coast work to repel this very real threat. Your blinds and awnings will continue to extend and retract in your absence, leaving you with peace of mind that your home appears to be lived in. Many of us simply leave a light or the radio on to deter thieves, but the time has come when that is simply not enough. Real security comes with a reliable, protective system.

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See this technology in action here. Automated blinds can help secure and protect your home whilst allowing you to enjoy the peace and comfort that comes with a smart home that does the work for you. Bliss.

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