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Straight Drop vs Pivot Arm Awnings – Which To Choose?

Pivot Arm Awnings

The straight drop versus pivot arm awnings debate is one you will come across when choosing the right awning for your property.   You’re spoiled for choice when choosing your awnings from Blinds Plus Awnings. Our professionally fitted awnings add value, style and protection to your home. The design choice will depend on the style of your home, the opening size […]


Shopping For Blinds? We Answer Your FAQs

Shopping for Blinds FAQs

We’ve got SO MUCH experience in the greater Brisbane regions (including the coasts). We’ve been in the business of blinds for years and years, and as a result we come up against the same kind of questions a LOT. If you’re shopping for blinds, interested in how they’ll improve your life, your home or commercial premises, we reckon that you’ll be interested in some of these […]


Love your Indian Home Decor? Here’s How to Finish the Look!

Indian Home Decor

If you want home décor that is beautiful and vibrant, Indian home décor could be the ticket. India is home to one of the liveliest cultures, and it’s an excellent home décor inspiration. While you might not be able to travel to this vibrant country, you can bring India to your door with bright colours and patterns.  Brighten Up Your World Colours are […]


What Are The Best Blinds For Sliding Doors?

Best Blinds for Sliding Doors

It’s easy to get lost in your search for the best blinds for sliding doors. There are so many different options to choose from, and deciding what will work best for you is a challenge. How do you narrow it down and decide what will work best for your needs? Here are our top tips.   Vertical Blinds Vertical blinds are the most popular and most practical option for sliding […]


Our Top Tips For How To Clean Vertical Blinds?

How to clean vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are beautiful to look at and easy to use, but when the question of how to clean vertical blinds, big problems can arise. Lower quality blinds can often get tangled, are too light and ‘plasticky’ to be able to stand up against a cloth cleaning, or have chains down the bottom that can become knotted. Couple that with the […]


Awnings and Automated Blinds – Brisbane Property Boom Upgrades

Awnings and Automated Blinds Brisbane

The property market in Brisbane has remained resilient, and is forecast for further growth over the next couple of years. If selling property is on your agenda, there are some quick ways to revitalise your property without overspending.  One such way is to consider new awnings or automated blinds. Brisbane and its sometimes-temperamental weather make new blinds a great choice when adding appeal […]


Home Office Blinds – What Do You ACTUALLY Need?


Home Office Blinds – What Do You ACTUALLY Need? 2020, right? It introduced a whole new way of working from home for so many of us. Businesses pivoted to enable workers to work remotely – and even though, for most of us, the time to return to the office has happened, we’ve developed an ongoing culture of working […]


Why Some Patios Just DON’T Suit Outdoor Blinds.

Outdoor Blinds - Are Outdoor Blinds right for the patio

No Outdoor Blinds for You! Why Some Patios Just DON’T Suit Outdoor Blinds  When you’re thinking outdoor blinds, you’re imagining a gorgeous little oasis right in the middle of suburbia. Cooling afternoon breeze, cocktails out the back, neighbours popping in for ‘just the one.’ Patio blinds are a value add to your property as well […]


Crisp In, Dusty Out: How To Get The Miami Beach Design Look

The Miami Beach Design is a blend of Art Deco meets glam, vintage meets contemporary, arty meets fun. Here’s how you can get the look.

When you think of Miami Beach, Florida, you picture the crisp blue ocean, white sands, and the rich and famous. It’s arty, it’s fun, and it’s at the top of the style game. The Miami Beach Design for homes is just the same – and it’s no wonder it’s all the rage at the moment!  Miami Beach Design is a mix of […]


Vertical blinds as you’ve never seen them before

VeriShades are the modern vertical blind, and offer a contemporary look for families. Read on to find out more about the newest vertical blinds in Brisbane.

When you hear the words ‘vertical blinds’ it’s possible you’re thinking, “no way – that’s for grandmas”. VeriShades are the polar opposite of your typical vertical blinds, as they’re not only sleek and modern, but they’re child safe, which is a must when installing window coverings.  Having been used in popular home renovation shows and […]


Aluminium Shutters 101 – What You Must Know!

Looking for shutters and can’t decide what the right choice is? CLICK HERE to see why aluminium shutters are a great option for your home!

The harsh Brisbane climate requires even stronger window coverings. There are plenty of great options to choose from but you really can’t go past aluminium shutters. They tick all the boxes of residents, business owners, renovators and even landlords wanting to add that “wow factor” to a property. You don’t need to suffer or just […]


Custom Blinds Near Me – Why CUSTOM Matters

Googling ‘blinds near me’? There’s more to it than that! Here’s why CUSTOM blinds will always be the right fit...

If you are searching for ‘blinds near me’ then you’re clearly in the market for something special. Did you know that custom blinds, made especially for your home and fitted perfectly, are the best-looking and most effective option? The attention to detail, the measuring, the quality and that Australian owned and made feel should be […]