Crisp In, Dusty Out: How To Get The Miami Beach Design Look

Crisp In, Dusty Out: How To Get The Miami Beach Design Look

The Miami Beach Design is a blend of Art Deco meets glam, vintage meets contemporary, arty meets fun. Here’s how you can get the look.

When you think of Miami Beach, Florida, you picture the crisp blue ocean, white sands, and the rich and famous. It’s arty, it’s fun, and it’s at the top of the style game. The Miami Beach Design for homes is just the same – and it’s no wonder it’s all the rage at the moment! 

Miami Beach Design is a mix of vintage meets contemporary; Art Deco meets glam. For furnishings, you’ll find plenty of white, with accent pieces for furniture and décor. Lots of natural stone, and galley-inspired artwork. It’s a classic look that takes you on a journey back in time to the 1920s, with a modern twist. You can easily imagine your fave celeb in the midst of it all, kicking up their heels and relaxing with a glass of Dom Pérignon. 


How to get the look

Unfortunately, we can’t all be millionaires, but there’s no reason we can’t live like them. The following are simple tips to follow to get the Miami Beach Florida look, without breaking the budget or compromising on quality. 


Get your decor right

Use white as your base colour – white exterior, white walls, white furniture, white linen; then highlight with rich hues that contrast comfortably – gold and silver, black and white, deep and bold tones. Highlight every room with strong furniture pieces, vibrant accessories and large rugs in classic geometric patterns. 


For your lighting, think chandeliers, opalescent glass shades, and tall standing lamps. Choose accent lighting to highlight your artworks. What artworks, you might ask? Have you always wondered where to put that colourful mural your 3-year-old painted, while covering their entire body in a sea of rainbow? THIS is the place. Miami Beach Design is all about extravagant artwork. No kids? Check out your local art gallery or get the paints out yourself and see what you can create. For funky décor to complete the look – remember those dusty old vases and antique mirrors your grandma used to have? Take her style on board. 


Choose great window coverings

The Miami Beach look is all about natural lighting, so when you choose window coverings, avoid thick materials, dark colours and drab fabrics. Vintage-inspired doesn’t mean you need to hit your local charity store for old, dusty curtains. Refresh your curtains by adding a stitch of gold or bronze trimming, or invest in some silk designs – these will enhance your in-home celebrity-status, and they’re luxurious and classy! 


Alternatively, blinds are a great way to let the light in, while at the same time enhancing the arty look you’re after. Your classic Venetians or vertical blinds are always good, but if you want to step it up a notch, go for VerishadesThey’re made from soft and luxurious polyester and add a touch of elegance to any room. They’re available in a range of shades as well, from soft white through to charcoal, so you can match them perfectly to your new décor.  


Essentially, if you stick with strong furniture, plenty of light, soft furnishings and colourful accessories, your Miami Beach Design will come to life. 

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