Shopping For Blinds? We Answer Your FAQs

Shopping For Blinds? We Answer Your FAQs

Shopping for Blinds FAQs

We’ve got SO MUCH experience in the greater Brisbane regions (including the coasts)We’ve been in the business of blinds for years and years, and as a result we come up against the same kind of questions a LOT. If you’re shopping for blinds, interested in how they’ll improve your life, your home or commercial premises, we reckon that you’ll be interested in some of these answers.  

What’s on trend?

What we are noticing is that, depending on circumstance, there does not really seem to be a style of blind or shutter that’s going ‘out’ of style. After all, different homes have different aesthetics and what’s popular in a modern home may not be the best choice for a period style residence. We custom make blinds and shutters to fit your type of home after consultation and style conversations.  

However, plantation shutters and the Hamptons style in general is still on trendand the functionality and style of day night blinds makes them a popular choice, too. And with advances in smart technology, more and more customers are interested in window coverings with automation. 

What’s best for bathrooms?

We believe that a Venetian blind is best for bathrooms. It lets light in and out easily, is great for ventilation and can lift the look of these smaller areas. They’ll cope with a bit of water splash back as well so it’s a win all round.  

What’s best for bedrooms?

Blockout for sure! Installing a great blockout blind, like something from our Ziptrak range, means peace of mind and a sound sleep. They’re stylish, functional and they’re unlikely to date, making them perfect for any home.  

What are the best blinds for our climate?

Again, you’re going to want to put your pennies into something that will help regulate temperature. A blockout blind or a vertical blind is great for trapping that heat out and keeping it cool inside. Flip that switch for winter and you’re talking keeping the heat inside so you’ll be toasty warm.  

What are automated blinds and how do we use them?

Automation means the installation of particular mechanisms that allow you to have greater control over your environment. We’d love to talk this process through with you further – make sure you give us a call. We’re the best in the business when it comes to automation.  

Which blinds are easiest to clean?

All of our blinds are easy to clean! We prioritise form and function so we ensure that we custom build products to suit your busy lifestyle. Life’s way too short to be cleaning blinds for hours!  

What will help my home feel more secure?

Automation and blockout blinds are a fantastic combination to keep your home feeling extra secure.  

Let’s talk blinds, awnings and shutters! Give us a call today on 07 3287 9181.