Let’s Talk SECURITY! How Security Blinds Can Positively Impact Your Home!

Looking for Trendy Colour Blinds? Read before you shop!

colour blinds

Considering colour blinds? They certainly help to uplift the outlook of your home and can be the perfect complement to your design scheme. But what should you be looking for? And what happens when good design trends go bad? Don’t make a design faux pas! Call us today on 3287 9181 to discuss what we […]


Cheap Blinds? You Get What You Pay For

Cheap blinds

Sure, there are lots of cheap blinds on the market. They’re of that ‘too good to be true’ nature. You select everything online and there’s even quite often ‘do it yourself’ installation offers. How good is that?! How hard could it be? Unfortunately, so many customers have been absolutely duped by the ‘bargains’ that are […]