Looking for Trendy Colour Blinds? Read before you shop!

Looking for Trendy Colour Blinds? Read before you shop!

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Considering colour blinds? They certainly help to uplift the outlook of your home and can be the perfect complement to your design scheme. But what should you be looking for? And what happens when good design trends go bad?

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Contemporary, Cool and Oh So Chic

It’s on trend to widen and brighten up your space as much as possible. Blinds and awnings act as sun blockers so don’t think that you have to go DARK to make things cool. Quite the opposite, in fact! Choosing from a sun-kissed palette of light and bright whites and neutrals will positively impact almost any space.

Feeling a little darker? We hear you! Going for neutral darks like a light brown or a touch of blue can provide your living indoor and outdoor spaces with an extra touch of class that seamlessly complements the colour and design scheme of the rest of your home.

Most of our customers tend towards the lighter side of life so if we were to indicate a colour blinds style trend in 2020, then we would steer you towards the lighter end of the spectrum. A classic white, or off white, will offer that plantation style home look that you’ve been dreaming of. White blinds will similarly match that Hamptons look you’ve got in mind. These blinds will appear to be an effortless extension of your already (we assume) excellent interior design and complement rather than completely take over. It’s minimalist – which is VERY now.

To Colour or Not To Colour

If you’ve got your heart set on a colour that falls outside of the previous discussion, a word of advice. Certain current design trends include tones like burgundy and range through to an almost bottle green. These are bold choices and something that we would advise you carefully consider before setting your heart on including them as part of your home. Some colours seem fabulous when that colour is having a moment – but when the moment passes, will your investment look dated?

Colour blinds can be a timeless choice, and talking to our friendly team can help you make the right choice for your home. We boast 50 years of combined experience in the industry and we’ve helped shape thousands of homes over the years. We know what works and we’re happy to teach you!

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