Love your Indian Home Decor? Here’s How to Finish the Look!

Love your Indian Home Decor? Here’s How to Finish the Look!

Indian Home Decor

If you want home décor that is beautiful and vibrant, Indian home décor could be the ticket. India is home to one of the liveliest cultures, and it’s an excellent home décor inspiration. While you might not be able to travel to this vibrant country, you can bring India to your door with bright colours and patterns. 

Brighten Up Your World

Colours are key to infusing your home with Indian décor. Think accent walls, statement pieces, and focal points in each room. Choose colours in shades of orange, green, yellow, red, pink, and blue. Don’t be afraid to use shimmering metallics like gold. Bright and vibrant is the key.  

Solid wood furniture is also a staple of Indian décor. You can use antiques or opt for modern pieces, but embrace high-quality solid wood footstools, chests of drawers, coffee tables, bookcases, and chests. The same can be said for the rest of your furniture – traditional, solid wood cabinets, as well as stones, metals, or mirror work to create an embellished look.  

Indian décor isn’t just about the décor itself. It is how you use the space. Create a relaxing space that promotes interaction. It’s all about having a comfortable space to spend time with your friends and family. That means lots of comfortable seating, including floor cushions, stools and sofas. Be sure to finish the look with warm, patterned rugs. Remember to source your décor from Indian artisans who are paid a fair wage for their craft. 

Artwork And Textiles Pop

India is known for unique handcrafted artefacts, so be sure to accessorise with ornaments, artwork, vases, pots, and artwork. You can keep your artwork simple by embracing Indian photography!  

India is perhaps most famous for its textiles and fabrics. They are commonplace in Indian homes, and there are many different ways to use fabrics in home décor. You can use them as drapes, as layers over blankets or couches, covers for cushions or chairs, or you can just drape around your room to add pops of colour. 

Finish The Look

If you want to create Indian home décor, Brisbane homes can finish the look with the right blinds and awnings. For large windows, consider Panel Glide blinds, available in a wide range of colours and patterns. These will match perfectly with your Indian design 

If you prefer exterior shade, you can extend the look to your home’s external areas with an awning. Straight drop awnings are a great way to inject brightness into a room and capture Indian and Australian design.  

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