Why Some Patios Just DON’T Suit Outdoor Blinds.

Why Some Patios Just DON’T Suit Outdoor Blinds.

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No Outdoor Blinds for You! Why Some Patios Just DON’T Suit Outdoor Blinds 

When you’re thinking outdoor blinds, you’re imagining a gorgeous little oasis right in the middle of suburbia. Cooling afternoon breeze, cocktails out the back, neighbours popping in for ‘just the one.Patio blinds are a value add to your property as well as making outdoor spaces more liveable. They’re the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor space – blinds that will house the most memorable gatherings of family and friends and be a common fixture in your everyday life.  

But what’s the deal (Jerry Seinfeld voice!) with outdoor blinds that just don’t ‘work’? It’s a phenomenon that many of our customers have encountered before dealing with us. A pain point that’s familiar to many who are looking at making aesthetic and functional changes to their outdoor spaces. So let’s unpack the issue.  

Outdoor Blinds? None for you!

The issue is that creating patio blinds that work for you mean that you have to have the structure to allow for attachment. Any consultation with an outdoor blinds stockist must include a thorough appraisal of your individual situation – this is where ‘cookie cutter’ blinds (marketed as suitable for all spaces) just don’t cut it. You need that personal touch.  

Rather than purchasing online or instore without a technician seeing your space, you must ensure that you do your due diligence and seek out the advice of a professional. Blinds Plus Awnings & Shutters have been creating, crafting and consulting with Brisbane and beyond for decades – we know what will work, how long it will take, and whether or not your structure will support our fixtures. Design? We’ve got it. Structure and size? Our bread and butter.  

Costanza? Can’t Stand Ya!

This has been a ‘pain point’ for many of our customers. Some structures, admittedly, will not support outdoor blinds. This is where you have to put your trust in your installer – trust the honesty vs the hard sell. If your home can’t support outdoor patio blinds then, unfortunately, you will have to come up with alternative solutions. But only the best and most reliable blinds company will tell you the truth.  

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