Why “Blinds Near Me” Doesn’t Mean You’re Buying Local!

Why “Blinds Near Me” Doesn’t Mean You’re Buying Local!

Looking for window furnishings and you want to shop local? Here’s where “Blinds Near Me” can trip you up! Find out how to source quality blinds from dedicated locals!

Are you searching for blinds near me? Are you wanting to support a local business? There is something that you need to know.  

Blinds Near Me Doesn’t Always Mean Local

There are a plethora of ‘blinds and awnings near me’ if you do a quick Google search. Chances are you have come across more than a few of them during your research. It might seem on the outside as if you are supporting a local business but pull back the curtain to reveal what you may well accidentally be doing.  

Blinds From Anywhere

Many blinds stores have shopfronts in the local area but they do not sell local products. These items are purchased from interstate, or overseas, and are flooding the market, tricking local consumers into thinking they are buying homegrown products. You are not supporting local business – in fact, you are doing the polar opposite completely unwittingly. If the ‘blinds store near me’ cannot produce evidence that you will be buying a local product then we recommend turning on your heel and walking right out the door.  

The REAL Blinds Near Me 

Blinds Plus Awnings & Shutters service the greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas, including the coasts, to ensure that high quality products go to local homeowners. We are locals through and through. We know the lay of the land. We employ locals. We pour our savings into local homes and schools. We shop in local stores, we buy local produce, we work to be part of your community. A true “blinds near me” search would be better positioned if it were to help you identify who the true locals are. And, spoiler alert, it’s us!  

We are 100% locally owned and run. We employ people from your area who are invested in their communities and we return our profits to forging a lifestyle that is quintessentially Queensland. You can see it in the eyes of our workers. You can hear it in the way that they talk. You can tell it from our pleasant greetings, our willingness to work hard to get the job done right the first time and from our love of the local area.  

So Wait… Blinds Not Me Isn’t Local? 

The truth is, not necessarily. Searching for ‘blinds near me’ will help you locate the nearest outlets who sell blinds and awnings but they will not tell you if the products are locally sourced or if the owners of the stores are from your local area. It’s easy to just click on the first link in Google to find a blinds store near you but a little more research is required. 

Want to make a difference with your purchasing? Entrust a business run by dedicated locals who have your best interests at heart. Timely service, pleasant customer relations, dedication to the craft and an eye for design are what set us apart from the pack.  

If the search is ‘blinds store near me’, Blinds Plus Awnings is your local answer! Get in touch today on 07 3297 9181.