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5 Reasons Why Cheap Blinds Will Cost You In The Long Run

Tempted to buy cheap blinds and save a few bucks? You might reconsider after reading this.

It’s so tempting, isn’t it? To buy cheap blinds online or at a warehouse so you can save a bit of money. Don’t be fooled though; there’s a reason they’re cheap. 

Why you should avoid low-cost blinds

1. Poor quality

The old saying rings true when it comes to blinds; you get what you pay for. When you pay peanuts for blinds, you’ll score yourself low quality, imported materials. Cheap blinds won’t last, they’ll fade, break and warp; you’ll need to replace them more often, costing you more money over the long term. 

2. Poorly fitted

The thing with a lot of cheap and DIY blinds is that they come in pre-made sizes which might mean you will have to live with an unsightly overhang or a track that’s too short, detracting from the look of your home and potentially rendering the blind ineffective. Cheap blinds can also come with missing brackets or ones that don’t fit, and a DIY job to fix the problem never looks good. 

3. Poor usability 

Have you ever had to pull up roller blinds or opened vertical blinds with a clunky chain? Not only will it wake the whole house when you try to open the blinds of a morning, but the chain is also so awkward that it might jam and break. 

What about cheap spring-loaded roller blinds that don’t spring up anymore, leaving you with a huge length of material? It’s not worth the frustration, nor the money spent on something that doesn’t work as it should. You want to wake up in the morning to a good experience, not a frustrating one before the day’s even started. 

Start your day happy with quality blinds. Take a look at our range of blinds.  

4. Poor insulation qualities

With poor quality, blinds comes low-quality materials and poor insulation qualities. Your blinds should act as your energy efficiency wingmen; insulating your home to keep it warmer during winter and cooler during the summer.  Buying cheap blinds means inferior materials that will easily let heat and cold air through, materials that fade and wear quickly, reducing the integrity of the blind and increasing your power bill! 

5. Wrong blinds for your needs

Kudos to everyone who takes it upon themselves to DIY their blinds, but unless you’re a blinds expert who knows exactly what blinds you need for what you want to achieve, it’s better you have an expert do it for you. There are so many different blind styles available, ones that offer complete block out and others that let in some light, and there are blinds that consider the sun’s direction during Queensland’s hot summer. There are also blinds made from different materials offering differing insulation properties. For example, blinds in Ipswich properties are often different from those blinds in Brisbane bayside properties that enjoy breezes and don’t experience such harsh heat.

If you’d prefer to put your money into blinds that last, blinds that look great, blinds that insulate and do what you need them to do, avoid cheap blinds and get it done right the first time. 

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