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5 Reasons It’s a Must To Have Blinds in Ipswich (NOT Curtains)

Why you need blinds in Ipswich instead of curtains. It’s a no brainer.

Everyone who knows Ipswich, knows it’s hot in summer. Thanks to the landscape, the distance from any body of water, and the lack of breeze, having access to shade or a cool room is a must – a room with blinds, that is. When it comes to window coverings, curtains are just not as practical as blinds in Ipswich homes for several reasons. 

Why you need blinds in your Ipswich home instead of curtains

Blinds are modern

With the number of new housing developments around Ripley and Springfield Lakes, blinds are a much better fit for modern homes. They’re also great for those wanting to achieve a more minimalist look, where the home feels less cluttered.  What’s more, blinds come in a various range of materials to better suit a modern or old home whereas curtains can be limited in their offerings. Check out our range of blinds here.

Blinds are more functional 

The problem with curtains is that they’re either open or shut; there’s no in-between. When you need to let a breeze in during summer or want to control the amount of light coming in, it’s quite difficult. Blinds, on the other hand, come in many different designs that work well with the hot Ipswich sun and offer better control. Roller blinds and Ziptrak Interior Blinds can be adjusted depending on how high the sun is in the sky, Venetian blinds can be adjusted to let just the right amount of breeze and sunlight in, as can vertical and verishade blinds. 

Blinds are better for privacy 

Privacy is always a necessity whether you’re living close to your neighbours in a housing estate, or on a big block.  For privacy purposes, curtains are quite impractical – your only options are to have them either open or closed. Most blinds offer the ability to filter some light through while still giving you privacy. 

Blinds are easier to clean

It can get dry and dusty out in Ipswich; it’s a combination of hot, dry weather with little rain that turns it into a bit of a dust bowl, plus construction in new housing developments can be a dust culprit, too. The worst thing about curtains is that they hold onto all the dust and will give your allergies a whipping.  Blinds, on the other hand, are so much easier to clean with either a damp cloth or a regular soft vacuum.

Blinds won’t fade

If you’re planning to hang curtains while living in Ipswich, expect them to fade and for the curtain backing to become brittle. Ipswich experiences average summer temperatures around 32 degrees Celsius, the days during summer are scorching, and you’ll be replacing your curtains more often than you would blinds. Our blinds are made with quality materials that can withstand the sun’s harsh rays and therefore, have a longer lifespan.

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