6 Reasons People Love Faux Wood Window Shutters in Brisbane

6 Reasons People Love Faux Wood Window Shutters in Brisbane


There’s a certain lifestyle we love to live in beautiful Brisbane, and it involves entertaining, humidity, rain and kids! Unfortunately, these things don’t tend to go well with wood; humidity and rain, in particular, can cause wood to warp. But with faux wood window shutters, Brisbane homeowners don’t have to worry!

Our ‘faux wood’ shutters include the Bermuda aluminium shutters, Vogue poly satin shutters and Riviera PVC shutters; they’re some of our best selling blinds for these six reasons.

Why our faux wood shutters are our most popular blinds in Brisbane

They’re Sun Proof

There’s no question that Brisbane , Logan , Gold Coast  and Ipswich all experience extreme heat and UV rays during the year, conditions that can rapidly warp, crack, peel and fade wooden shutters. On the other hand, our current collection of shutters are safe from this damage.

They’re Moisture Proof

When the big storms come over Brisbane, there’s often not enough time to get around to close windows and doors. It doesn’t matter if faux wood shutters like ours get wet because they’re moisture proof. They’re also perfect for the hot and humid bathroom environment.

They’re Lightweight

Operating window shutters should be easy and hassle-free, but wooden shutters can tend to be heavy and bulky to manoeuvre. Lightweight aluminium blinds like our Bermuda blinds glide and open easily.

They’re Easy to Clean

Dust is inevitable and so are little sticky fingers and crayons if you have small children. People love faux wood shutters because they can be cleaned effortlessly, just wipe with a damp cloth. Window shutters such as aluminium shutters aren’t porous like wood which makes cleaning them so much easier, and they’re less prone to stains, too.

They’re Easy to Maintain

It’s a well-known fact that anything wooden, particularly that which is exposed to the elements, needs regular maintenance including time-consuming sanding and varnishing. Swap out wooden shutters with an aluminium, Poly satin or PVC alternative and you can tick that job off your list forever!

They’re Affordable

We have customers who opt for our wood alternatives simply because it is a more affordable option. But even though buying an aluminium or PVC shutter is more cost effective, it doesn’t take away from the aesthetics, and the additional benefits are undeniable.

If you’re seeking window shutters in Ipswich, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Logan, you cannot go wrong with faux wood shutters; they’re perfect for the Great South East lifestyle. Choose from bi-fold, sliding, hinged or fixed and elliptical louvres in widths of 64mm, 89mm or 114mm and you’ll feel like you’re living in a new house.

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