The Best and Most Practical Window Furnishings For Sliding Doors

The Best and Most Practical Window Furnishings For Sliding Doors

We love big sliding or stacking doors in Queensland because of their ability to light up a room and let the welcoming breezes through. But what can get in the way of a sliding door’s functionality are the window furnishings.

Why the wrong window coverings are a pain in the neck

When you opt for the wrong window furnishings over your sliding doors, your sliding door can quickly turn into a pain the in the behind. Imagine this. You want beautiful breezes to flow through your home when your sliding door is open whilst maintaining some privacy at the same time. But the vertical blinds covering your sliding door blow everywhere, not only causing damage but making a whole lot of noise with the bottom weights and chains clanking together.

Another scenario. Your sliding door is the main entry and exit point to your house which means it’s a high traffic area; you have to open and close the blinds…a lot! This causes wear and tear and, with the wrong window furnishings, it can cause a lot of frustration.

So which window blinds are the most practical and user-friendly for sliding doors? Here’s what we recommend from our collection of shutters and blinds in Brisbane.

The best window blinds for sliding doors 


Our range of shutters in Brisbane are particularly great for our hot sub-tropical climate because they wear well in the weather, perfect if you forget to close the door during a storm!  They also have different width louvres depending on how much light/breeze/privacy you’re after, and you can have them closed while letting in light and breeze – no noise!

Ziptrak® Interior Blinds

Our  Ziptrak® Interior blinds are the answer to flimsy cords and clanging chains. They’re durable and designed for high traffic areas. The track system and material are tough and built to be opened and closed regularly. Ziptrak® Interior makes it easy to control everything from light, breeze and even pesky insects.  Want something tough over your sliding door? Ziptrak® Interior Blinds are commercial grade.


Verishades are vertical blinds with a difference. They don’t have the noisy connector chains or bottom weights; instead, they’re whisper quiet and a perfect fit for homes looking to achieve that covetable indoor/outdoor lifestyle. The fabric is so soft you can walk through it, and it will spring back into place. The fabric is so smart that it can filter light and darken the room with alternate panels.

Stories of window coverings regret – we hear them often! Clients who spent a fortune on blinds only to realise they were completely impractical for a large window opening like a sliding door. Don’t take the risk on your window furnishings, it’s not worth living with the frustration, especially in beautiful, sunny Brisbane!

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