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The Stylish Brisbane Renovators Guide to Awnings

If you’re renovating a home and after a stylish guide to awnings, this post shares the popular styles to consider.

Awnings are a great way to blur the outside in while simultaneously blocking out the sun. But which awnings will suit your new renovation? This guide to awnings will clarify the different kinds of awnings available and which is the best choice for your reno from a style point of view.   What kinds of awnings […]


Internal Shutters Brisbane – PVC VS Timber VS Aluminium

Not sure whether timber, aluminium or PVC shutters are the best option for you? CLICK HERE to find out which internal shutters Brisbane specialists Blinds Plus recommends.

The type of blind or shutters you install can make or break the entire style of your home. You need to be sure that the style of blind complements your property. You can certainly improve the aesthetic of your home with the right internal shutters. Brisbane homeowners have several choices – but  choosing the right […]


How to Pull Off Industrial Interior Design in Brisbane

Need window furnishings to complete your industrial interior design in Brisbane? CLICK HERE to see which style suits your home best!

Industrial styles are fast becoming an interior trend favourite. The flexibility this style offers works well for both old and new properties, but many homeowners that aren’t using an interior decorator overlook one very important aspect. Window coverings. Something so simple and easy can change the look and atmosphere of a room completely. When planning […]


Hamptons Style Shutters – Which Style Is Best?

Looking for Hamptons style shutters to complete your home design? CLICK HERE to see which style suits your home best!

Hello Hamptons! The accents of white and blue, the crisp beachy vibe – it’s a classic, timeless look that everyone is trying to achieve. Your home is decked out with beautiful white timber furniture and accent features creating the highly sought after Hamptons style interiors. But there is something missing. That final, iconic touch that […]


Day and Night Blinds Vs BlockOut Blinds

Day and night blinds

Blinds can make all the difference in your home. Carefully selected high quality products can bring a touch of sophistication to any abode and can provide much in the way of security and peace of mind.  There are two key options when it comes to the selection of blinds for your home – day and […]


The First Timers Guide to Awnings: Brisbane, This is For You!

Awnings Brisbane

Brisbane (and surrounds) offer a series of unique challenges for home owners and investors. When shopping around for suitable awnings, Brisbane property owners should match the product to specific needs. There are different environments and different hurdles for each home, depending on design and position.  If this is your first time, you are spoilt for […]


How much do Ziptrak blinds cost?

Wondering how much Ziptrak blinds cost? Whether external or internal, a good ‘guestimate’ will depend on the options you choose. Blinds Plus Awnings can guide you through the customisable options you will need to consider

How much do Ziptrak blinds cost? The cost of Ziptrak blinds is highly dependent on the variations in your needs. There are many customisable options that can be factored in when selecting your blinds, and all will impact cost.  Examples include: the size of the opening(s) or window(s) the blind or blinds are to fit,  […]


Are Plantation Shutters Easy To Clean?

Looking for the easiest way to clean plantation shutters? CLICK HERE to find out!

Plantation shutters are the benchmark in window furnishings. They look sophisticated, modern and sleek. But beyond adding value and visual appeal to your home, you should be asking… “Are plantation shutters easy to clean?” The simple answer is YES! And we have some great tips on how to make this job even easier.  How to […]


Wait, Aren’t All Block Out Roller Blinds Black?

Think block out roller blinds only come in black? CLICK HERE to find out!

US: And which colour are you wanting for your blinds? THEM: Wait, aren’t all block out roller blinds black? NOPE.  They come in a bunch of colours to suit just about any design idea you may have, including SO MANY SHADES OF WHITE. So how do they block out light if they aren’t black? While […]


Do Blockout Blinds ACTUALLY work?

We’ve all considered them. Blockout blinds sound like they’ll deliver you much needed respite from the harsh rays of the sun. BUT are all products created equal? Not so! Read on to find out more. Let’s talk blinds. Call us today on 07 3287 9181 for your obligation-free quote. Many blinds are marketed as being […]


Getting Shutters Installed – The Process

The process of Getting Shutters Installed

Interested to find out exactly what goes on in your shutter installation process? Glad you asked! Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t hide anything from our customers. What you see is definitely what you get, which is why we are happy to lay all of our cards on the table. Want an obligation-free quote? […]


Shutters or Blinds – How Do You Choose?

blinds or shutters

Making the decision between shutters or blinds can, at first, appear to be overwhelming. Which is the best choice for your beautiful home? Which one will help you achieve the lifestyle you are looking for? At Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters, we take the guesswork out of the equation and we guarantee you will be […]


Can You Get the Hamptons Look with Shutters?

Hamptons Shutters

Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, is obsessed with the Hamptons look. Think breezy open spaces, clean lines, and accents of white and blue. It’s a timeless, classic look – and every open home is trying to do it. But can you do it? And can you do it with shutters? Hamptons Shutters? Let’s talk! Call […]


Looking for Trendy Colour Blinds? Read before you shop!

colour blinds

Considering colour blinds? They certainly help to uplift the outlook of your home and can be the perfect complement to your design scheme. But what should you be looking for? And what happens when good design trends go bad? Don’t make a design faux pas! Call us today on 3287 9181 to discuss what we […]


Cheap Blinds? You Get What You Pay For

Cheap blinds

Sure, there are lots of cheap blinds on the market. They’re of that ‘too good to be true’ nature. You select everything online and there’s even quite often ‘do it yourself’ installation offers. How good is that?! How hard could it be? Unfortunately, so many customers have been absolutely duped by the ‘bargains’ that are […]


Buying Blinds Online – What To Be Wary Of

blinds online

Buying blinds online? What a great idea! Until, of course, it isn’t. There’s a lot you need to know about purchasing blinds – and maybe online isn’t the way to go after all. Let’s talk blinds. Call us on 3287 9181 for your obligation-free quote TODAY Buying blinds online seems straightforward. You make a few […]