Wait, Aren’t All Block Out Roller Blinds Black?

Wait, Aren’t All Block Out Roller Blinds Black?

Think block out roller blinds only come in black? CLICK HERE to find out!

US: And which colour are you wanting for your blinds?
THEM: Wait, aren’t all block out roller blinds black?

NOPE.  They come in a bunch of colours to suit just about any design idea you may have, including SO MANY SHADES OF WHITE.

So how do they block out light if they aren’t black?

While block out blinds do make the room black, the blinds themselves don’t have to be.

How? Because Ziptrak blinds are engineered to be completely “gap free” so there isn’t that one irritating snippet of light that ALWAYS lands right between your eyes. Ziptrak is pretty well known as the most durable and most effective black out blind on the market but the subtle yet strong Ziptrak framework is then fitted with 100% opaque fabric OF YOUR CHOICE. And to make it even more customised to your specific colour requirements, there are so many colour options available. Even black if that will complete the look you are wanting to achieve.

Do you need a Ziptrack frame?

Choosing a sturdy and carefully engineered frame and a reputable custom blind fitter will MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. These are the factors that will determine whether you replace your blinds in just a few years’ time or if you outgrow them before they fall apart. Not to mention if the blinds will completely block out the light.

There are many benefits of having Blinds Plus Awnings install Ziptrack blinds in your home or office. They include:

  • They are stylish and built to last
  • Perfect for any room – bedrooms, living, kitchen, office, boardrooms, home cinema, etc.
  • The Ziptracked ‘sealed solution’ reduces your energy bills
  • Family friendly – no dangerous cords or chains for peace of mind
  • Motorised so you can leave your blind at ANY height with just a push of a button 
  • Keeps the cold outside in winter and the heat out in summer

Choosing block out roller blinds for your home, investment property, business or office is a smart choice. They are long lasting, durable, cost effective options that can be customised to suit the personality of your home or office.

Remember: The quality of the block out roller blind is equally as important as the team fitting and installing them. Do your research and you’ll have no regrets! 

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