Are Plantation Shutters Easy To Clean?

Are Plantation Shutters Easy To Clean?

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Plantation shutters are the benchmark in window furnishings. They look sophisticated, modern and sleek. But beyond adding value and visual appeal to your home, you should be asking… “Are plantation shutters easy to clean?”

The simple answer is YES! And we have some great tips on how to make this job even easier. 

How to clean plantation shutters

There isn’t just one way to clean plantation shutters but there are certainly methods that make light work of this mundane chore so you can get back to enjoying your day sooner. Here are some of the best and easiest options.

  • Microfiber duster – Make this part of your weekly cleaning routine. Regular dusting will make light work of keeping these clean in the long run. A microfiber duster or dust glove are great options for this method.
  • Vacuum cleaner – Most vacuum cleaners come with a brush attachment and this is perfect for reaching those ‘hard to reach’ blades. When you do the regular vacuum of your floors, include the shutters as well and make it part of your cleaning regime. 
  • Sock and ruler – Get one of your unpaired socks or a cloth and using a 50/50 water to white vinegar solution wrap it around a thin ruler so you can slide it easily between the slats. This is great for cleaning narrow blinds. *You need to wring the cloth out once wet with cleaning solution until it is just damp and then it can be used. 
  • Dryer sheets – These sheets of scented magic not only make your room smell amazing, but the dryer sheets themselves actually prevent dust from sticking to the shutters which ultimately results in less cleaning! That’s a win. 
  • Paintbrush – Dip the paintbrush into hot soapy water or a 50/50 water to vinegar mix as mentioned above. What’s the easiest way to clean plantation shutters? The paintbrush cleaning method is one of the easiest and most popular ways to clean shutters. 


TIP #1: It is important to remember that you should avoid harsh cleaning chemicals and only use damp cloths to clean. Too much water will damage your shutters.

TIP #2: Regardless of your cleaning choice, ensure your blinds are dried well after each clean.  

If you have chosen shutters as your window furnishings, you have made a great choice. Now that you know how to clean plantation shutters and how to look after them, they will last you a lifetime. 

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