How much do Ziptrak blinds cost?

How much do Ziptrak blinds cost?

Wondering how much Ziptrak blinds cost? Whether external or internal, a good ‘guestimate’ will depend on the options you choose. Blinds Plus Awnings can guide you through the customisable options you will need to consider

How much do Ziptrak blinds cost?

The cost of Ziptrak blinds is highly dependent on the variations in your needs. There are many customisable options that can be factored in when selecting your blinds, and all will impact cost.  Examples include:

  • the size of the opening(s) or window(s) the blind or blinds are to fit, 
  • the fabric selection (do you want complete weather block out or just glare reduction);
  • locking mechanisms (centre release lock or other interior or exterior lock options);
  • whether you intend having the blind motorised and remote operated


These are just some of the factors that will determine the price of your blinds.

Ziptrak is a patented splined system that is a fairly recent innovation in the outdoor and indoor blind industry. The Ziptrak system has been designed by Australians for Australian conditions and is still Australian owned and family operated. Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters are a registered Ziptrak retailer and use all genuine Ziptrak componentry. When you order a Ziptrak installation through us, you can be guaranteed that you will have the original Ziptrak system correctly installed and not a cheaper or inferior copy.


How much do external Ziptrak blinds cost?

When it comes to external blinds, gone are the days of café-blinds with a sticky zip system, or hazardous pulley cords and flapping blinds that fray and allow all the elements and irritating pests into your entertaining area. Ziptrak’s easy-to-use patented technology seals the edges of the blind into a sleek runner that not only minimises the external temperature variations but is actually designed to cope with extreme weather conditions.  

The fabric variations available play a part in how much light, ventilation and moisture are transmitted through the blinds and can be a significant variant in the cost of external Ziptrak blinds. The fabric choices can go right up to an impermeable blockout and waterproof fabric offering long term protection from the elements like heat and rain.

The size and number of openings that you wish to enclose with a Ziptrak blind will also have an impact on cost. You may have several smaller openings or one much larger than standard opening that you intend to enclose with a Ziptrak blind. The additional componentry that is used to accommodate this will impact cost. 

Motorisation and locking systems are other customisable options that will affect the price of your Ziptrak blind solution.  

Our experienced team at Blind Plus Awnings and Shutters can assist you with designing a Ziptrak External Blind solution to suit your needs and budget.

How much do Ziptrak internal blinds cost?

You can see why Australian households have quickly developed a love for Ziptrak external blinds and have readily seen the advantages of a similar system for their internal blinds.  Ziptrak now offer an internal blind system that brings that same sleek, sophisticated minimalist look inside.  

Not only do the aesthetics of the Ziptrak internal blinds appeal to homeowners, with their unique encasement and sealing properties, Ziptrak offers an additional environmental and cost benefit of creating a completely sealed air pocket between your window and your interior, reducing energy consumption and power bills.  

Again, the cost of Ziptrak internal blind systems will vary depending on the size of the window, the fabric selection, motorisation, locking and other custom selections. When considering the cost of Ziptrak blinds against generic roller blinds there is no comparison – you are buying innovative patented components that ensure that there is a complete seal with no light or air leaks and a quality fabric that is designed with longevity in mind.  Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters have the expertise and design flare to assist you with selecting the best Ziptrak Internal Blind solution for your budget and style.  

Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters are registered Ziptrak retailers and installers for Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.  Call us today on 07 3287 9181 for a free measure and quote.