How to Pull Off Industrial Interior Design in Brisbane

How to Pull Off Industrial Interior Design in Brisbane

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Industrial styles are fast becoming an interior trend favourite. The flexibility this style offers works well for both old and new properties, but many homeowners that aren’t using an interior decorator overlook one very important aspect.

Window coverings. Something so simple and easy can change the look and atmosphere of a room completely. When planning and budgeting for your industrial interior design in Brisbane, consider what blinds, shutters or industrial style awnings you will have installed to complement your overall design.

What is industrial interior style and how can I create it?

Taking inspiration from warehouses and old industrial factories, the raw and unfinished characteristics create the desired industrial chic style that everyone wants. The aesthetics and attention to detail are important in pulling this style off. Consider the following: 

  • Industrial colour palette – keep colours and tones minimal. Stick with a neutral base colour like shades of grey, black and white. Then add warm tones of wood, leather or exposed brick to finish off the basics.
  • Accents and accessories – add rustic and eccentric pieces. Items like rusty metal, old wood with chipped paint, pallet furniture and hanging lights. These add to the aesthetics of industrial interior design.
  • Window furnishings – often overlooked when creating the perfect space, window furnishings have the ability to really pull the design of a room together. It could be industrial style shutters, blinds or even awnings. 


Industrial style blinds, awnings and shutters

Interior decorators understand the importance window furnishings play in the overall design of your home. That’s why they will recommend experts such as Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters to install the desired style to suit your industrial interior design. Brisbane decorators understand it’s not just about function, it’s about completing the designer look.

Consider each of the following to complete your home. 

Industrial style awnings

Rope and pulley awnings are a great exterior option as they are simple, budget-friendly and easy to use. This industrial style awning adds privacy and protection to your home from the elements.

Industrial style blinds

There are two kinds of industrial style blinds – panel glides and venetian blinds.

  • Panel glides  – these are a great choice for large windows or to use as a room divider.  They are minimalist yet elegant.
  • Venetian blinds – if you prefer industrial chic, these blinds are better suited to your design. They are simple and let natural light in. 


Industrial style shutters or blinds come in a range of styles and colours so if you aren’t sure which one best suits your particular home and layout, ask a professional for some advice.

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