The Stylish Brisbane Renovators Guide to Awnings

The Stylish Brisbane Renovators Guide to Awnings

If you’re renovating a home and after a stylish guide to awnings, this post shares the popular styles to consider.

Awnings are a great way to blur the outside in while simultaneously blocking out the sun. But which awnings will suit your new renovation? This guide to awnings will clarify the different kinds of awnings available and which is the best choice for your reno from a style point of view.  

What kinds of awnings are available?

There are 11 types of outdoor awnings available to choose from.

  • Ziptrak
  • Channel Guide
  • Folding Arm
  • Straight Drop
  • Pivot Arm
  • Rope and Pulley
  • Twist Lock Guide
  • Auto Rollup
  • Covered Hood
  • Awning Reskin
  • Infill Panel

Outdoor awnings can be operating with three main mechanisms: crank, spring or motorised. The materials can vary between acrylic, mesh and PVC.  

To choose the right awning for your renovation, it’s best to choose style first and then function as you want the awning to complement your home exterior. 

Let’s explore some of the most popular and stylish awning options for newly built or renovated homes. 

Ziptrak Awnings

If your renovator’s goal is to enclose a patio to create extra living space, choose a Ziptrack Awning.  The easy glide allows for the control of sunlight. 

These awnings are stunning and will suit a contemporary home due to their minimalist finish and versatility. 

Channel Guide Awnings

Channel Guide Awnings are best suited to areas with a large span where there are two ends like columns or veranda posts to allow for the channel guide tracks.   

 While the functionality is to keep the weather out, the channel track and gears are powder coated to match your home. 

This type of awning is sleek and can integrate seamlessly to the exterior of your home. If you’re after an awning which blends in to the outdoor area, a channel guide awning is the perfect choice. 

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings give homeowners the luxury of having an open roof feel or an awning which can be drawn out to provide shade. 

This type of awning is a classic style and can suit a range of homes. It is mounted to your exterior wall or under the eaves and can be extended or retracted with a crank system or motor. 

Straight Drop Awnings

The straight drop awning is a popular style awning for modern Brisbane homes.  

They offer flexibility and versatility when fitting the exterior windows or protecting an outdoor space by closing it in from the elements. 

Straight drop awnings need skill in measurement as they need to be carefully fit. While the awnings can add value to your home, they need to be properly measured and installed to ensure they suit the exterior look of your home. 

Twist Lock Guide Awnings

Twist Lock Guide Awnings are the most professional looking awnings and they are the most popular choice for renovators. 

Their functionality is beneficial for superior privacy, the awnings themselves have a grander appearance with a long-lasting finish. 

Twist Lock Guide Awnings offer a streamlined approach for window coverings and their versatility make them a great choice for your renovated home. 

If you need assistance with choosing the right awning for your renovation, contact the team for advice and a quote.