What to ask your Home Automation Installer – Brisbane Homeowners FYI

What to ask your Home Automation Installer – Brisbane Homeowners FYI

Home automation installer Brisbane - what to ask your installer

Looking for home automation installerBrisbane homeowners have plenty to choose from. To ensure that your installer achieves the best outcome, they will have to run through a series of checks and balances prior to beginning the home installation process. It is vital for them to have full and complete access to your home, as well as to your creative vision for the project, before they begin work. You should ABSOLUTELY trust your gut when it comes to selecting the right company for the job. Many industry cowboys talk a lot about quick, cheap jobs, but making the wrong choice will cost you in the long run. 

Home Automation – What Do I Need to Know?

First you need to know why you are undertaking the project. If you are automating and including blinds and awnings in your plan then you need to ensure you select products that reduce energy needs IF you are automating in order to optimise power use. If you are automating for pure aesthetic or privacy, your needs may be a little different. Talk to your installer about your motivations prior to work taking place.  

Automation technology means that the property value, and how you go about your life when you’re living there, are greatly increased. Your security levels will also go up as the home will have the appearance of always being occupied. You can get sun sensor automation which is completely autonomous and responds to heat and light, wind senor automation which offers retraction based on wind speed and remote operated automation which gives you complete and total control.  

So What Should I Ask the Home Automation Installer?

Ask your home automation installation company the following questions:  

  • Are these products Australian made and owned or are they a ‘one size fits all’ catalogue order from overseas? 
  • Does this company have a great reputation for service, industry compliance, cost, and customer relations? 
  • How long will this process take? Are you looking at a weekend installation or is this a job that will stretch out over weeks (or even months)? 
  • Are these products reliable? Here’s where you may need to do some ‘compare the pair’ research on your own to ensure that what you’re being told is accurate 
  • Are these products right for my home or am I getting the hard sell?  

Home Automation Installer Brisbane and beyond

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