Hot? Blindingly Bright? Summer NEEDS Ziptrak Blockout Blinds

Hot? Blindingly Bright? Summer NEEDS Ziptrak Blockout Blinds

Beat the heat this summer. Find out how installing Ziptrak blinds can protect your Brisbane home from those super-hot days, and look stylish doing it, too!

Hello summer, goodbye comfort. Brisbane residents… it doesn’t have to be this way! And the solution is Ziptrak blinds.

You don’t have to live in discomfort. No longer do you have to just accept that it is HOT. Oh, so hot. Ziptrak blinds are the simple and stylish solution to the many summer related issues Brisbane folk face each and every year.

Summer has hit and it’s time for blockout blinds to shine

You feel that? The sweat running down your back. The beads forming on your upper lip. This is when you realise just how hot it is in your home. It’s one of those scorching days where it feels like you live in a tin shed that is just soaking up every little ray of sunshine. 

Imagine one of those days that the sun rises extra early and wakes you with a blinding bright light. Your much loved air conditioner is struggling and feels like it is doing less than your ceiling fans. But what other option do you have? You keep struggling. Maybe spend the summer eating ice blocks and trying to keep cool.

It doesn’t have to be this hard! There is a simple solution that will have you relaxing around your home in comfort instead of trying to avoid your house and seeking relief in shopping centres with the rest of the melting Brisbanites. 

Let’s not forget about entertaining family and friends, and the constant need to swat flies and mosquitos away. Or the noisy neighbours and their kids screaming. 

Ziptrak Blockout Blinds is the hero without a cape

It’s time to take matters into your own hands and find a solution that not only cools your home but also makes you comfortable, and blocks out the unwanted outside noise, too.

Ziptrak Blinds are the hero of summer. Here is why!

  • They are designed and made in Australia for Australia’s harsh sun
  • Ziptrak blinds are the safest, most durable and easy to use internal blind
  •  Ziptrak are installed to fit your windows perfectly so with just one effortless glide, you can control the light
  • Blockout blinds offer protection to your home from heat and cold, and the track guided system provides an air pocket between the glass and Ziptrak blinds which assists the performance of insulation
  • No more glare, unwanted bright sunlight, street noise and barking dogs. You have full control of your privacy, the heat and light

Have a chat with our Brisbane installers and see just how much you need Ziptrak blinds this summer! Call 07 3287 9181 today.