Blinds Vs Curtains – A Question of Energy Efficiency

Blinds Vs Curtains – A Question of Energy Efficiency

Blinds vs curtains energy efficiency

When you are looking at giving your home a facelift, it is very common to cast your eyes towards your window furnishings. It is obvious, after all, that in order to give your home a quick freshen up, windows are the way to go. The eye is quickly drawn to the windows of a home and furnishings here can dramatically change the look of not only a single room but the whole house.

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The obvious decision to make if you’re contemplating a makeover becomes a question of whether to choose curtains or blinds. There are a number of factors to consider here that could make a huge difference in not only the style of your home but also its energy efficiency.

Why is energy efficiency important?

It’s important for your family to be energy efficient. In the short term, this has a logical knock-on effect for your power bills. Blinds, for example, offer you the capacity to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter without touching the thermostat.

In the long run, however, having an energy efficient home will help to reduce your carbon footprint as we move towards a greener society. Making a considered choice here will have the kind of long-term impact that will make your children proud.

The argument in favour of blinds

Blinds are the economical and environmental choice here. When considering whether to choose blinds vs curtains, energy efficiency is an instrumental factor in making the right decision.

Blinds can ‘trap’ the heat inside a home when required and gently filter it out when it is not welcomed. The ability to use blinds that are automated increases this potential as you are able to control the features remotely to regulate the temperature inside your home.

Need more proof?

Curtains often act as ‘dust gatherers,’ meaning that you will have to clean and attend to these window dressings more regularly. They can retain unpleasant smells from smoke and pets, and they require dry cleaning and effort to maintain.

Curtains are also quite dated when it comes to the styling of a home. The clean, pristine lines that blinds offer far outshine the awkward folds and bulkiness of curtains.

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