Indoor Shutters? Indoor Shut Ups! Our Tips for Reducing Neighbour Noise

Indoor Shutters? Indoor Shut Ups! Our Tips for Reducing Neighbour Noise

Indoor shutters

Living next door to noisy neighbours, terrible tenants and raging road noise can be painful to say the very least. It can really impact the quiet enjoyment of your property and have a detrimental impact on your mental and emotional health. It can be the source of conflict between members of your own household and it certainly doesn’t promote healthy neighbourhood relations!
So what do you do when you really can’t do much to change your situation (beyond moving house)? Indoor shutters may be JUST what you’re looking for. Read on to find out more!

Indoor shutters

Using Indoor Shutters to Combat the Chaos

Electing to use indoor shutters is a creative and aesthetically pleasing solution to cutting down on the constant NOISE that comes with everyday life. Be they inside the home or outside it, they’re a stylish solution that has the additional benefit of giving your house a beautiful facelift. They’re built for privacy and incredibly durable, standing up against the harshness of the Australian climate.
If you’re looking to cut down noise and score a big PLUS for the overall look and feel of your home, installing stylish indoor shutters may be just the ticket.

What About Other Noise Solutions?

Thinking that maybe indoor shutters aren’t for you? There are a few other solutions that could possibly cut down on neighbour noise, but you’ll find that they’re not as affordable, straight-forward or pleasing to the eye as indoor shutters are.

Double Glazing

Many homeowners elect to install double glazing in their homes to cut down on traffic and other outside noise. Whilst this is certainly an option, the exorbitant cost of this process must be taken into account. Double glazing each and every single window in your home will be an incredibly costly endeavour.

Thick Trees and Hedging

This can be a great privacy solution but won’t have much of an impact, if any, on passing noise pollution. In addition to that, your neighbours may not be your good friends any more if you obstruct their views or install greenery that drops leaves and/or flowers onto their properties.

Large Fences

Again, better privacy is assured, but installing a fence that also has acoustic panels will be an incredible outlay for the average homeowner.

Indoor Shutters – Just the SHUT UP You Need

Consider indoor shutters when you’re on the hunt for your noise pollution solution.

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