Renovators Delight! Why Ziptrack® Blinds Are A Must-Have.

Renovators Delight! Why Ziptrack® Blinds Are A Must-Have.

Ziptrack interior blinds

Renovators Delight! Why An Upgrade To Ziptrack® Blinds Should Be In Your Tool Belt.

Renovating a home provides you with an excellent opportunity to upgrade, and streamline, your existing features to increase your home’s potential and value. The installation of Ziptrack® interior blinds means that you are saying goodbye to outdated and faded curtains and window furnishing solutions. Instead, say hello to an aesthetically pleasing, modern convenience that will revolutionise the way you use your home.

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This system provides a wealth of opportunities for the astute renovator to drastically improve the quality of life of the occupants. Flawless function that allows for frequent use is the name of the game. These products are made of commercial grade material that avoid the necessity for pullies, zips or ropes – all of the elements in lower quality blind materials that negatively impact use.

Effortless efficiency

This is a clever system that was designed by taking into account all of the flaws of the current blinds on the market. They can be adjusted with one touch, meaning the chances of your blinds getting broken or jammed is greatly reduced compared to competitor brands.

The Ziptrack® interior blinds systems are perfect for indoor living and family friendly to boot. As a renovator, you want to select aesthetic features that improve liveability and increase style. This should be the choice for the clever renovator.

How do they work?

Tracks are installed into both sides of the window frame, meaning there are no gaps. This is a valuable solution for families with young children when blocking out light is important to peaceful sleep. This technology also creates an insulating ‘air pocket’ which will lead to a reduction in energy bills.

The blinds can be set at any height, allowing sunlight to infiltrate the space and bring out the best of your renovating efforts. As this is a spring balanced system, there are no cords which are choking hazards for young children.

Colours can be selected (as well as fabrics) to complement your unique sense of style. These blinds can also be motorised and set to a timer, ensuring your home is kept safe and secure as well as offering an ease of use not often seen in other products.

The renovator’s choice

You’re in a unique position to be able to fit your home with the very best in blind technology. The Ziptrack® interior blinds system is an avenue worth pursuing to add a touch of class and style to your home.

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