Shutters VS Blinds – Why Plantation Shutters are so Hot – and Secure – Right Now!

Shutters VS Blinds – Why Plantation Shutters are so Hot – and Secure – Right Now!

Plantation shutters

The decision to purchase plantation shutters instead of blinds for your new or existing home is not one to be taken lightly. There are many, many benefits to selecting blinds for your home project. Their cool, classic look and style can add endless comfort to your home.

However, it’s becoming more and more apparent that many renovators and home-owners are pushing towards selecting plantation shutters for their home improvement projects. It’s a trend that’s worth investigating!

What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

The first question you have to ask yourself concerns quality. When it comes to purchasing plantation shutters, or shutter blinds, quality is paramount. Cheap, knock off options might save you in the short term but they’re going to become costly further down the track, so you’re well advised to research carefully before making a purchase.

Plantation shutters can add sophistication and an old-world charm to your home. The comfort and ease of their use, combined with their ability to allow cool breezes to flow through your property, makes them appealing to many would-be purchasers. They will transform your home and lift the value of your property, without being at risk of damage under the harsh glare of the Australian climate.

What types of plantation shutters are best?

There are a range of blind shutters that will suit every style.


This is a modern look that’s ideal for both exterior and interior usage. Maintenance-free, this is the plantation shutter of choice for the discerning home-owner who is looking for a classic look without having to spend man-hours maintaining it.


This is a luxurious choice and a premium painted shutter. If elegant aesthetics is your brief, then this is the product you need to fulfil your wish list.


Internal window shutters are perfect if you’re seeking privacy and security without sacrificing style. They’re ideally designed to prevent humidity or moisture damage and they’re highly resistant to any impact. The number one choice for those looking to bring plantation shutter charm indoors.

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