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Do Blockout Blinds ACTUALLY work?

We’ve all considered them. Blockout blinds sound like they’ll deliver you much needed respite from the harsh rays of the sun. BUT are all products created equal? Not so! Read on to find out more. Let’s talk blinds. Call us today on 07 3287 9181 for your obligation-free quote. Many blinds are marketed as being […]


Getting Shutters Installed – The Process

The process of Getting Shutters Installed

Interested to find out exactly what goes on in your shutter installation process? Glad you asked! Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t hide anything from our customers. What you see is definitely what you get, which is why we are happy to lay all of our cards on the table. Want an obligation-free quote? […]


Shutters or Blinds – How Do You Choose?

blinds or shutters

Making the decision between shutters or blinds can, at first, appear to be overwhelming. Which is the best choice for your beautiful home? Which one will help you achieve the lifestyle you are looking for? At Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters, we take the guesswork out of the equation and we guarantee you will be […]


Can You Get the Hamptons Look with Shutters?

Hamptons Shutters

Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, is obsessed with the Hamptons look. Think breezy open spaces, clean lines, and accents of white and blue. It’s a timeless, classic look – and every open home is trying to do it. But can you do it? And can you do it with shutters? Hamptons Shutters? Let’s talk! Call […]


Looking for Trendy Colour Blinds? Read before you shop!

colour blinds

Considering colour blinds? They certainly help to uplift the outlook of your home and can be the perfect complement to your design scheme. But what should you be looking for? And what happens when good design trends go bad? Don’t make a design faux pas! Call us today on 3287 9181 to discuss what we […]


Cheap Blinds? You Get What You Pay For

Cheap blinds

Sure, there are lots of cheap blinds on the market. They’re of that ‘too good to be true’ nature. You select everything online and there’s even quite often ‘do it yourself’ installation offers. How good is that?! How hard could it be? Unfortunately, so many customers have been absolutely duped by the ‘bargains’ that are […]


Buying Blinds Online – What To Be Wary Of

blinds online

Buying blinds online? What a great idea! Until, of course, it isn’t. There’s a lot you need to know about purchasing blinds – and maybe online isn’t the way to go after all. Let’s talk blinds. Call us on 3287 9181 for your obligation-free quote TODAY Buying blinds online seems straightforward. You make a few […]


Shop the Look – Designer Window Furnishings for 2020

window furnishings

Designer homes are beautifully finished right down to the most miniscule of details. And part of those details include window furnishings. A house isn’t quite a home until it’s dripping in gorgeously designed and truly functioning blinds and shades that just scream ‘high-quality’ taste. To present an immaculate home without window furnishings is like serving […]


Beat Brisbane’s Heat with Smart Blinds and Awnings!

Blinds and awnings Brisbane

Cool House Renovations – Literally! Beat Brisbane’s Heat with Smart Blinds and Awnings! The weather outside? It’s pretty frightful. But the weather inside? DELIGHTFUL. Keep the blinds and awnings way down low. Keep it cool, keep it cool, keep it cool. Let’s talk serious cooling. Contact us TODAY to make your inquiry about receiving your […]


Renovators Delight! Why Ziptrack® Blinds Are A Must-Have.

Ziptrack interior blinds

Renovators Delight! Why An Upgrade To Ziptrack® Blinds Should Be In Your Tool Belt. Renovating a home provides you with an excellent opportunity to upgrade, and streamline, your existing features to increase your home’s potential and value. The installation of Ziptrack® interior blinds means that you are saying goodbye to outdated and faded curtains and […]


Choosing The Right Shutters For A North Brisbane Home

Shutters north Brisbane

How To Choose The Right Shutters For Your North Brisbane Home Buying shutters in North Brisbane is all about finding a stockist who knows the area and understands the lifestyle needs of customers. At Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters, we are dedicated to our clientele and go above and beyond to ensure they receive the […]


Are Automated Blinds The RIGHT Choice For Your Home?

Automated blinds

Automated Blinds – Why They’re the RIGHT Choices for Homes in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast The future is NOW when it comes to providing blind and awning solutions for local homes and businesses. Automated blinds invite a sense of ease and security into your building and, most importantly, they do it with style. […]